Frequently Asked

When are your services?

Our Worship service times are:

Perry Lutheran Church: 8:45 am

Bruflat Lutheran Church: 10:30 am

Bang Lutheran Church: 9:00 am

Where are your services held?

Church services are held at Bang, Bruflat and Perry each Sunday of each month with exceptions during the holiday season or special occasions.

Are there directions to each church's location?

There is a web link on the Portland Lutheran Parish web site that displays the directions to each church and road signs showing the way to Bang, Bruflat and Perry.

What should I wear to church services at Portland Lutheran Parish?

We are much more interested in meeting you than in checking out your clothes, so wear whatever you'd like! Truly, any given Sunday you'll find people dressed in a variety of ways. Some will be dressy, some will be casual. Some will look like they just left work; some will look like they just got out of bed. Some will be wearing bright colors and some won't be. Some will be wearing shorts, some will be wearing pants, some will be wearing capris, some will be wearing skirts. We're so much looking forward to meeting you than what you wear.

Do you offer Communion?

Communion is offered at all 3 churches the first two Sundays of each month. Most Sunday's Communion is given with the bread and wine in an individual cup. On special Sundays, the common cup or intinction (dipping the wafer in the common cup) may be offered.

Children who have received training for their First Communion are invited to participate, younger children are invited to come forward with their parents and receive a blessing from the Pastor Leon.

Do you offer Children Sunday School?

Children – are a vital part of our worship and we encourage them to participate. There is a Children’s Message from time to time (not each Sunday service).

K-5th grade Sunday School at Portland Lutheran Parish is a nurturing and engaging hour in a child’s life each week. The teachers strive to inspire a strong foundation of learning about the Bible and growing in faith. Through songs, prayer, Bible stories, and activities, students are encouraged to begin a journey of faith that will inspire them to walk with Jesus their entire life.

Whether you have been a lifetime member, or are visiting for the first time, we welcome your children to participate in our Sunday School! We will greet you and help your children feel right at home.

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